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Sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate are forms of phosphorus, which is a naturally occurring substance that is important in every cell in the body. Sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate is a combination medicine used in adults to treat constipation and to clean the bowel before a colonoscopy. Sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Osmoprep comes in a tablet form and is prescribed by doctors to patients for the purpose of cleaning the intestines before checking the inner linings of the large intestines. Osmoprep works by depositing large amounts of water into the small intestine through the large intestine, making the patient have a watery waste.

OsmoPrep (sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate) is a drug used to clean out the intestines before surgery. The drug is mostly used in patients that are scheduled for an X-ray or colonoscopy. OsmoPrep is a laxative that works by drawing large amounts of water of water into the intestine. It creates a situation where there is a watery bowel movement or diarrhea to flush out the stool. 

By clearing all the food material or the stool inside the colon, it enables the doctor to examine the patient quickly. To get quick results, it is advisable to avoid taking colored liquids a day before the operation. Drink as much clear water as you can to avoid dehydration while under OsmoPrep medication. OsmoPrep is available in the form of a liquid and should be administered by mouth.

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