The Biggest Causes of Vaginal Odor (& How to Address Them)

Vaginal odor can be embarrassing and burdensome for women, but it is normal under some circumstances. The major causes of ...
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Guide to Telemedicine in Texas (Laws, Policies & More)

Telemedicine is when telecommunications technology, like smartphones and video chats, are used to treat a patient. Texas has done a ...
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Guide to Telemedicine: Benefits, Downsides & Options

In the healthcare arena, primary care has shifted significantly over the past century. We’ve gone from house calls, to neighborhood ...
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How and When to Bring Up Herpes While Dating

It is important to let someone you are dating know that you have herpes, and that there is some risk ...
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Can an Online Doctor Write a Xanax Prescription?

Before the internet, you always had to buy prescription medications at a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Today, you may be able to ...
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How to Know if Your Anxiety Needs Medication for Treatment

Anxiety describes a physical, cognitive, and behavioral reaction that includes feelings of seriousness, nervousness, and even fear. (Learn More) There ...
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Guide to Telemedicine in Arizona (Laws, Policies & More)

Arizona has a well-developed telemedicine program that incorporates both the use of private insurance companies and Medicaid. The program makes ...
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Guide to Herpes: The Most Effective Treatments in 2019

Herpes is an infection caused by a virus. It can be a long-term condition. (Learn More) Symptoms include burning during ...
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Are There Legitimate Natural Treatments for Herpes?

Yes, there are some natural remedies that can help to lessen the severity and frequency of herpes outbreaks. The herpes ...
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Complications of Herpes During Pregnancy

If you contract herpes before you become pregnant, this is typically considered fairly low-risk to both you and the baby ...
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Online Viagra Prescription: What Will You Need

Many men are reluctant to admit to having erectile dysfunction. As a result, more and more pharmaceutical companies and startups ...
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Guide to Anxiety Treatment Advancements in 2019

Anxiety treatment advancements in 2019 involve a range of options. Recent research has confirmed the effectiveness of selective serotonin reuptake ...
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How Long the Average Herpes Outbreak Lasts (in 2019)

An initial herpes outbreak lasts a few weeks on average. Recurrent outbreaks tend to last about a week.  When people ...
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Does Aetna Cover Telemedicine or Online Treatment?

Aetna is a large insurance provider that is telemedicine friendly. (Learn More) The company provides discounted costs for some services ...
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