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Olux (generic name clobetasol propionate) is a corticosteroid commonly used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and rash. It treats the affected area by reducing the redness, swelling, and itchiness that can come with these inflammations of the skin. Olux is a topical medication, meaning that it is produced as a lotion or foam to be applied directly to the affected area of the skin. It usually is prescribed for use twice daily. We are working hard to make this medication more affordable for those who need it, so we have excellent discounts! Check out our coupons for more.

Olux topical is a prescriptive drug that is normally applied on the scalp. Olux Is used to treat dermatitis, rash, itching, swelling and redness resulting from skin conditions. Olux functions by bringing down irritation of the skin, swelling and itching. People who are allergic to this medication are advised to avoid it.

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