Actinic keratosis

Actinic Keratosis is one of the skin conditions which emanate after a long duration of exposure to Ultraviolet rays. In other words, Actinic Keratosis comes as a result of harshness prompted by sun rays. The condition majorly hits the parts of your body that are directly exposed to the sun.

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Actinic keratosis Symptoms

It is definitely a great idea to ensure that you understand all the symptoms and indicators of Actinic keratosis. By doing so, you will be able to seek the help of a doctor before the condition at hand aggravates to something unbearable. There are cases where symptoms of actinic Keratosis may come strong while other cases they may be only mild. In any case, it is greatly advised that you understand the respective symptoms. They include:

  • Constant dryness on the lips
  • Burning and itching
  • Rough patches on the skin
  • General skin roughness

Actinic keratosis Causes

Actinic Keratosis comes as a result of long exposure to sun rays. This means that the ailment is caused by harsh ultraviolet rays. It should be understood that this problem may affect different parts of your skin. However, in most cases, Actinic keratosis affects the parts that are majorly exposed to the sun directly. Such parts include lips, face, bald, fingers, legs among others. To avoid this ailment now and in the long run, it is recommended that you cover the most sensitive part of your skin especially if you spend most of your time in sun exposure.

Actinic keratosis Diagnosis

There may be many ways of diagnosing Actinic Keratosis. However, medical practitioners have their own ways of doing so. The main way of diagnosing this disease is by taking a very close look at skin. It might interest you to know that the mere appearance of your skin is enough to dictate if you are suffering from Actinic Keratosis or not.

  • The best indication that a patient is suffering from Actinic Keratosis is abnormal thickening of the skin. In case, a doctor realizes such thickness or anything resembling skin cancer, he/she may diagnose you with Actinic Keratosis. Note that Actinic Keratosis may advance to cancer if not realized and treated in the right time.

Actinic keratosis Treatment

There are different ways in which Actinic Keratosis can be treated. The most important part is to understand that treatment for the mentioned ailment should be done by a professional medical practitioner. A person who does not have knowledge in that line should not try executing treatment strategies. Some of the possible treatments that can be used in controlling Actinic Keratosis include:

  • Cryosurgery- This is a form of skin surgery and one of the most used strategy in treating Actinic Keratosis.
  • Topical medications- This can be in the form of ointment or other formulations meant to treat the above-mentioned ailment.
  • PDT therapy

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