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Vagifem (estradiol) is a prescription drug used to treat vaginal menopause symptoms including vaginal dryness, burning, irritation, painful urination, and painful intercourse. This medicine is a form of estrogen, a female hormone produced by the ovaries that decreases in the body after menopause. Estrogen helps regulate many important processes in the female body. Vagifem is a tablet that is placed directly into the vagina and only treats vaginal symptoms of menopause. The local delivery of estrogen results in lower doses of estrogen than systemic estrogen treatments, limiting the amount of estrogen a woman may be exposed to. You should take this medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Estradiol is a form of estrogen, a female sex hormone that regulates many processes in the body. Some estradiol products placed directly into the vagina are used for "local" treatment of vaginal menopause symptoms involving the secretions and surrounding tissues of the vagina. This type of vaginal estradiol has "systemic" effects, meaning that it can affect parts of the body other than where the medicine is placed or applied. Estradiol should not be used to prevent heart disease, stroke, or dementia, because this medicine may actually increase your risk of developing these conditions. Vagifem may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Vagifem (estradiol) is a form of hormone estrogen produced by ovaries. Vagifem is used to treat menopause symptoms which are caused by the body thus making less estrogen. Vagifem works by binding the target tissues to fractions of cells called estrogen receptors. The preferred medication includes directly applying it inside the vagina. There are however other Vagifem medication

Vagifem contains estrogen, a reproductive hormone. Vagifem is used to treat the main cause of vaginal symptoms of menopause by helping to replenish lost estrogen. Vagifem medication is directly applied to the vagina. Those estrogens that are taken by mouth or applied through the skin or injected may have a greater risk of side effects due to a lot of estrogen being absorbed.

Clinical research studies showed that Vagifem reduced most bothersome symptoms like vaginal dryness, pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse, irritation, painful urination, soreness and itching around the vagina.

Possible side effects can include stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, breast swelling or tenderness, nipple discharge, bloating, headache and cold symptoms among others.

Avoid using estrogen with or without progestins to prevent heart disease, heart attacks, strokes or decline of brain function. 

For further information, talk to your doctor regularly for medical advice about treatment with Vagifem.

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