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Drug Name
Ra mouth pain anesthetic
Unisom pm pain
Eql arthritis pain relief
Azo urinary pain
Gnp arthritis pain relief
Sm sports pain relief rub
Qc effervescent antacid/pain
Mucinex sinus-max press & pain
Pediacare infant fever/pain
Eq pain & fever childrens
Gnp oral pain relief
Eq pain & fever infants
Gnp pain & fever childrens
Eq pain relief/rapid burst
Gnp pain relief
Eq pain reliever
Gnp pain relief/benzocaine
Eq pain reliever junior
Gnp pain relief extra strength
Eq pain relieving
Gnp pain relief pm ex st
Antiseptic pain relief
Cvs oral pain reliever
Cvs pain & fever childrens
Cvs pain & fever infants
Cvs cold & hot pain relieving
Cvs pain relief adult
Sm urinary pain relief
Cvs pain relief childrens
Sm urinary pain relief max st
Cvs pain relief extra strength
Cvs pain relief pm ex st
Neosporin + pain/itch/scar
Cvs pain relief regular st
Neosporin + pain relief max st
Urinary pain relief max st
Cvs pain-relieving
Cvs pain relieving ultra st
Neosporin plus pain relief ms
Tgt pain reliever jr st
Tgt pain reliever pm
Eq sinus congestion & pain
Refenesen chest cong/pain rlf
Eq sinus congestion & pain day
Refenesen chst cong/pain pe
Bio-therm pain relieving
Qc lidocaine pain relief
Triple antibiotic pain relief
Gnp sinus relief congest/pain
Oral pain relief max st
Gnp sinus relief pressure/pain
Tgt sinus congestion/pain
Dologesic pain relief roll-on
Icy hot arthritis pain relief
Baby teething pain medicine
Flanax pain relief
Povidone-iodine paint sponge
Flanax pain relief liniment
Guadalupano pain relieving
Relief pain relieving
Back pain-off
Back pain relief
8 hour arthritis pain reliever
8 hour pain reliever
Eq urinary pain relief
Ra pain care muscle & joint
8hr muscle aches & pain
Ra pain relief
Ra pain relief acetaminophen
Ra pain relief aspirin
Ra pain relief ibuprofen
All day pain relf sinus/cold d
Ra pain reliever ex st
Silmanix pain relieiving
Lidopatch pain relief
Ra pain reliever pm
Theracare pain relief
Qc pain relief
Qc pain relief childrens
Qc pain relief extra strength
Silvera pain relief
Qc pain relief infants
Sombra natural pain relieving
Arctic relief pain relieving
Cvs sinus congest/pain dt/nt
Cvs sinus pain/congestion day
Cvs sinus pain/congest night
Infants pain & fever
Gnp urinary pain relief
Sm effervescent pain relief
Qc sinus congest/pain severe
Cvs sinus relief pressure/pain
Qc sinus pain relief
Kls rapid release pain
Acetaminophen congestion/pain
Arthritis pain relieving
Eq 8hr arthritis pain relief
Gnp effervescent antacid/pain
Intense toothache pain relief
Boil pain relief
Cold/hot pain relief therapy
Hm pain & fever childrens
Qc urinary pain relief
Hm pain & fever infants
Hm pain relief
Hm pain relief extra strength
Hm pain relief therapy
Sb arthritis pain relief
Hm pain reliever
Outgro pain relief
Aches/pains medicine
Hm pain reliever pm ex st
Nexafed sinus pressure + pain
Bayer back & body pain ex st
Perform foot pain relief
Perform pain relieving
Headrin ex strength pain rel
Perform pain relieving roll-on
Velma pain relief
Ra fever reducer/pain reliever
Hm salonpas pain relief
Px arthritis pain relief
Bc fast pain relief
Bc fast pain relief arthritis
Childrens non-asa pain relief
Eq antacid & pain relief
Periodontal/tooth pain relief
Eq antibiotic + pain relief
Px childrens pain relief
Aloe/lidocaine pain reliever
Eq arthritis pain
Zims max-freeze pain relief
Chloraseptic mouth pain
Healthy mama eazzze the pain
Cvs triple antibiotic/pain
Liquid pain relief
Ra 8 hour pain relief
Aloe vera pain relieving
Ear pain relief homeopathic
Ra sinus congestion/pain day
Dewitts pain reliever
Ra sinus congest/pain relief
Ra sinus congst/pain day/night
Tylenol 8 hour arthritis pain
Cvs urinary pain relief
Cvs 8hr arthritis pain relief
Eql muscle rub pain relieving
Sb effervescent pain relief
Cvs 8hr muscle aches & pain
Medadyne oral pain relief
Night time pain medicine ex st
Eq childrens pain reliever
Exoten-c pain relief
Tylenol infants pain+fever
Goodsense antacid/pain relief
Goodsense arthritis pain
Medicated pain relieving
Sinus congestion/pain daytime
Pain & fever
Sinus congestion/pain night
Cvs infants pain relief drops
Pain & fever childrens
Zostrix natural pain relief
Pain & fever extra strength
Pain & fever infants
Pain/injury relief
Gnp infants pain/fever
Pain relief 8 hour
Ra antacid pain relief
Sinus pressure + pain
Gnp infants pain relief
Pain relief day & night ex st
Eql pain relief pm ex st
Pain relief plus multi-symptom
Cvs all day pain relief
Pain relief pm extra strength
Ra antibiotic/pain relief
Eq effervescent pain relief
Eql pressure/pain pe plus cold
Little teethers pain relief
Pain reliever/fever reducer
Eql pressure & pain pls/mucus
Pain reliever pm ex st
Stopain roll-on
Pain relieving lidocaine
Pain relieving ultra st
Kwan loong pain relieving
Chronic pain support
Bensons bottom paint
Px pain relief extra strength
Tiger balm pain relieving
Cvs leg cramps pain relief
Gnp lidocaine pain relief
Px pain relief pm ex st
Tiger balm pain relieving lg
Castellani paint modified
Elixsure fever/pain
Cvs antibiotic pain/scar
Pamprin max pain formula
Sb pain relief x-str
Non-aspirin pain relief
Ra arthritic pain rub
Sb pain reliever childrens
Ra arthritis pain relief
Sb pain reliever ex st
Berri-freez pain relieving
Sb pain reliever pm
Non-pseudo sinus pain/pressure
Wal-phed pe pressure+pain+cold
Sb sinus congestion/pain
Sb sinus congestion/pain day
Sb sinus congestion/pain night
Sm 8 hour pain relief
Ra baby care oral pain relief
Sb sinus congest/pain day/nght
Goodsense pain & fever child
Hm arthritis pain relief
Sudafed pe pressure+pain+cold
Goodsense pain & fever infants
Sudafed pe pressure+pain+cough
Goodsense pain relief extra st
Ra lidocaine pain relieving
Sudafed pe pressure+pain+mucus
Goodsense pain relief pm ex st
Ra urinary pain relief
Sb urinary pain relief
Sudafed pressure+pain 12 hr
Ra urinary pain relief max st
Sb urinary pain relief max st
Goodsense pressure/pain/cold
Ra back & body pain relief
Ra urinary tract pain relief
Bhi arnica+ pain relief
Gnp 8 hour pain reliever
Goodsense pressure/pain/cough
Bhi arthritis pain relief
Goodsense pressure/pain/mucus
Bhi back pain relief
Tgt arthritis pain relief
Cvs baby teething oral pain
Kank-a mouth pain
Goodsense sinus congest/pain
Sm pain & fever childrens
Tylenol allergy & sinus - congestion and pain daytime
Sm pain & fever infants
Tylenol allergy & sinus - congestion and pain nighttime
Sm pain relief extra strength
Qc antiseptic pain relief
Sm antibiotic plus pain relief
Sm pain relief/menthol
Gnp all day pain relief
Sm pain reliever
Bhi spasm pain cramp/spasm
Sm pain reliever ex st
Advil sinus congestion & pain
Sm pain reliever pm ex st
Sm pain reliever sinus pe
Tgt cold & hot pain relieving
Gebauers pain ease
Eql antacid/pain relief
Ra menstrual pain relief
Noxicare natural pain relief
Sm arthritis pain relief
Sm arthritis pain reliever
Eql antibiotic + pain relief
Transdermal pain base
Cvs nerve pain relief
Aftertest topical pain relief
T-relief pain relief
Noxicare natural pain relief
Good neighbor pharmacy pain relief
Mucinex sinus-max severe congestion and pain
Mucinex sinus-max pressure, pain and cough
Mucinex sinus-max pressure and pain
Mucinex sinus-max pressure and pain
Mucinex sinus-max severe congestion and pain, maximum strength
Cvs arthritis pain relief
Effervescent pain relief
Qc arthritis pain relief
Nerve pain relief
Cvs pain relief
Goodsense pain relief
Lidocaine plus maximum strength pain relieving cream
Mtx topical pain
Sallus pain relief collection with naproxen
Good sense all day pain relief
Urinary pain relief
Azo urinary pain relief maximum strength
Azo urinary pain relief
Paingo kft
Ziks arthritis pain relief

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