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The average Percocet cash price is about $1,993.34 for a supply of: Tablet 5-325 MG 90 pcs. Get our free Percocet coupon and be eligible to receive a discount. You can reduce your Percocet cost by up to 75% with our free Percocet discount card. Bring it to a participating pharmacy near you to save on your prescription medication.

Percocet uses are reserved for both acute pain and chronic cancer pain. These Percocet uses are reserved for very effective and dependable pain relief management. However, it is an opioid, and something that is subject to personal addiction for many. This is why Percocet should only be used to ease pain and pain alone. Percocet is an opioid painkiller that is similar to other narcotic pain relievers. A person should only take this drug as needed for pain, as it may be addictive. Percocet should only be taken for as long as the doctor prescribes it, and not beyond that point. You should never stop taking it or decrease the dosage without talking to your doctor. This medicine can be harmful to anyone that is not prescribed to take it. If an individual decides to stop taking Percocet, on their own, serious symptoms and side effects may arise. These symptoms could be severe withdrawal symptoms. A person should come down off of Percocets gradually and not abruptly. These withdrawal symptoms can include muscle and bone pain, nausea, flu-like symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, fevers, muscle weakness, tremors, and restlessness. Percocet uses vary and may come available in various forms. These forms include tablets, extended-release tabs, and in different dosages to accommodate moderate to severe pain. Its uses can vary from patient to patient. The tablets, extended-release tabs, and any other prescription forms are usually taken at a rate of four to six times per day. The extended-release tabs are taken four to six hours daily depending on condition and level of pain. The directions listed on the label should be followed carefully. If there are any parts in the prescription directions that are not clearly understood. The patient should get in touch with their doctor or pharmacist to have them clarified any questions. Percocet should be taken as they are prescribed by the doctor. When Percocet is being taken for pain treatment, it must be taken as prescribed by the doctor. This means that you should only take the amount specified, as per your prescription, no more or no less, than what is prescribed for you. Percocet is a narcotic pain reliever. They can cause addiction issues with continued usage. Percocet white and off-white,biconvex tablets contain oxycodone HCL 5 mg and 325 mg of acetaminophen in them. The usual dosage for adults is one tablet every six hours. The amount of dosing and the dosing itself is something that is dependent on the medical condition, and the pain being experienced by the patient. Percocet uses should adhere to the doctor’s instruction. Using this drug for any other reason than what it is prescribed for may lead to Percocet addiction or abuse.

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Tablet 5-325 MG
90 pcs
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90 pcs
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Tablet 2.5-325 MG
90 pcs
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