Work Shift Sleep disorder

Shift work sleep disorder is also known as troubled sleeping. The condition highly affects those people who work during the night. The body has an internal clock or circadian rhythm that leads it to know when it is dark or night. This helps the body to know when it is supposed to be active and less active. People who work through the night often have trouble sleeping, hence the name shift work sleep disorder.

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Work Shift Sleep disorder Symptoms

Like any other medical condition, shift work sleep disorder has a lot of symptoms that assists in diagnosing it. The main symptom associated with shift work sleep disorder is difficulty sleeping and excessive sleepiness. This symptom affects the patient to a large extent that he or she can even cause accidents unknowingly. Below are other symptoms of this condition:

  • Lack of energy when doing something
  • Irritability or depression most of the time
  • Having insufficient sleep always
  • Suffering from insomnia (inability to sleep when you need to sleep)
  • Excessive sleepiness when you are supposed to be productive or alert
  • Poor concentration
  • Headache

Work Shift Sleep disorder Causes

Shift work sleep disorder is caused by insomnia and wake-time sleepiness. These causes are due to other many reasons in human life. One of the reasons is that one can be sleeping at an unusual time and be awakened by the noise or any other factors. This causes interference in the sleeping schedule of the body causing Shift work sleep disorder.

Prolonged working can also cause this disorder. This makes your body feel like sleeping in time when you don't want to sleep and waking up when you are fully satisfied with sleep. All these causes can be avoided by having a well-scheduled sleep time.

Work Shift Sleep disorder Diagnosis

Shift work sleep disorder is a condition that is diagnosed by first studying your sleeping habits. The doctor or medical practitioner uses sleep journal and all the types of sleep studies to diagnose your condition. There are several questions that a qualified doctor should ask you before putting you under any kind of treatment. One of the questions is the amount of time you take to sleep and the level of comfort you feel when you wake up. They will also want to know whether you fall asleep while at work, or you feel very tired. Those questions help him or her when diagnosing Shift work sleep disorder.

Work Shift Sleep disorder Treatment

Wake scheduling: Shift work sleep disorder is treated using schedules of waking up but in case of any severity the condition is treated using drugs. Most of the people who works at night are encouraged to take a nap for some few minutes so as to avoid overloading their body.

Bright light treatment: This is a cycle in which a bright light is used at night. Light makes the brain be active and once you use bright light the body reacts as if you are awake. During the day, one can wear dark glasses to ensure the brain senses darkness that makes the body be less active and therefore creates a feeling of sleep.

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