Skin Allergy

Skin irritations are often caused by a plethora of factors. These may include allergic reactions to medications, infections, and disorders in the immune system. When an allergen triggers a response from the immune system, this will most likely result to skin allergy.

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Skin Allergy Symptoms

Below you will find a list of some common symptoms associated with skin allergies. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please consult with your doctor immediately.

  • Itchiness of the affected area
  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Leaking of fluids from the affected area
  • Rashes on joints, wrists and earlobes

Skin Allergy Causes

Below you will find the most common causes of Eczema and dermatitis, the two most common skin allergies.

  • Eczema is by far the most common of all skin allergies as it attacks one in five kids all over the world. The leak in the skin causes it to dry and susceptible to irritation and inflammation by toxins in the environment. Some people's condition is worsened because aside from the eczema they are already suffering from, they eat certain kinds of food which triggers more the allergens.
  • The cause of this allergy is often associated with faulty genes, especially that gene called flagging. The itch brought about by eczema is quite difficult to manage because antihistamines don't usually work on them, as histamine is the allergen that caused the reaction in the first place.
  • The second common type of skin allergy is commonly known as dermatitis. This kind of allergy occurs through direct encounter and contact with a triggering allergen. When you touch or when your skin comes in contact with an allergen, you develop this kind of allergic reaction.

Skin Allergy Diagnosis

Below you will find the most trusted methods in diagnosing a skin allergy.

  • To diagnose eczema; you can look at the presence of symptoms. If not sure, it still best to consult your dermatologist or physician.
  • Same with most allergies and diseases, diagnosis of this kind of allergy will best be had upon observation of the affected areas and checking if any of the symptoms above mentioned are present. Should you be unsure after all the checking, it's best to consult a dermatologist.
  • Diagnosis of dermatitis will best be had upon observation of the affected areas and checking if any of the symptoms above mentioned are present. Should you be unsure after all the checking, its best to consult a dermatologist.

Skin Allergy Treatment

Below you will find the most commonly used and successful forms of treatment for most types of skin allergies.

  • Topical medication is still the most common form of treatment skin allergies.
  • A doctor may also prescribe oral medications if need be.
  • As for personal hygiene, it is best that the person would determine what are the triggers of his allergies. Knowing your allergens will best help especially in the precaution and avoidance part.

Main Skin Allergy Drugs

Triamcinolone Dexamethasone

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