Brain Tumor

Brain tumors are known as intracranial neoplasm and it is found when there is the formation of abnormal cell within the brain. Some of them start within the brain and others originate from somewhere else. The primary tumor starts within the brain and one originating somewhere else is brain metastasis tumor. The most common in adult is meningiomas and glioblastomas. In children it is medulloblastomas. The secondary of the metastasis tumor is more common as compared to the primary tumors and it mostly originates in lung cancer. More than 2.5 less of people suffering annually from Brain tumor globally each year. The US happens to have the survival ratio of 33% and this is the best in the world.
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Brain Tumor Symptoms

The symptoms are seen depending upon the location of the tumor. The patient might suffer from headaches, vision problems, seizures and lots of changes in their behavior. Vomit inducing headaches may also occur if it is severe enough. A patient may also experience difficulty in walking and coordination. The survival rate of a brain tumor is 33%. If found in the final stages, the brain tumor could prove deadly.
  • Headache
  • Vision issues
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Behavioral changes
  • Difficulty walking
  • Unconsciousness

Brain Tumor Causes

Vinyl chloride and ionizing radiations can be a big cause for the brain tumor. The mobile radiations as well as now considered as carcinogenic on IARC scale. Mutation or deletion of the TP53 is also being considered as one of the main reasons for such cancers. The secondary tumor has been found in most originate from lung cancer.
  • Varying radiations
  • Modification of TP53
  • Spread from lung cancer

Brain Tumor Diagnosis

There is blood brain barrier between blood and the brain. Hence, the brain tumor is normally marked by disruption in BBB. This can be diagnosed through the MRI or the CT scan. EEG and ENT plays a very important role in the diagnosis of the brain tumor. There can be endocrine dysfunction, an indication for doctors not to exclude tumor in their diagnosis. There can be a change in the shape of skull as well. The increase in the intracranial pressure causes headache that goes away with vomiting and altered state of consciousness.
  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • ENT
  • EEG
  • Inspection of skull shape

Brain Tumor Treatment

The neurosurgeon takes their time to find out the evolution of the neoplasm and then let the relatives know about their plan.

Radiotherapy treatment for Brain Tumor

  • Radiotherapy is considered to be the best method for curing brain tumor. The proton therapy is mainly used for the children. The external beam radiotherapy is the most common form of radiotherapy.

Surgery Treatment for Brain Tumor

  • Surgery is used to remove the maximum cancerous cells.
  • Surgical resection is the second best choice after radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy treatment for Brain Tumor

    • There are lots of side effects of chemotherapy and hence its use for treatment is not that common. Also BBB protects the drugs from entering the cancer cells and hence this method is seldom used.

    Main Brain Tumor Drugs

    Temodar Gleostine Valproic acid

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