Prostaglandins are a class of lipids involved in handling illness and injuries. They are built on infected and damaged tissue sites. Prostaglandins work as signals that control various body processes like blood flow, inflammation, labor induction and the process of the blood clot. Other names for prostaglandins are; Prostacyclin (prostaglandin I2), Prostaglandin D2, prostaglandin F2, and prostaglandin E2.  They formulated through a chemical reaction in almost all the body organs where they might be needed. Prostaglandin Thromboxane stimulates blood clot in cases of blood vessel injury. It aids the contraction of blood vessel walls reducing cases of blood loss.

Prostaglandins Drugs

Drugs that are found in the drug class of Prostaglandins include:

Prostaglandins Uses

Prostaglandins heal tissue injuries and illness. They signal various body processes in damaged tissues. They cause pain, fever and inflammation during the healing process. Thromboxane and prostacyclin are the two contracting prostaglandins used in the healing process. Thromboxane stimulates blood clot formation trying to heal the damage. It also contracts the blood vessel walls reducing cases of blood loss. On the other hand, prostacyclin removes the unwanted blood clots and decreases the blood clotting process. It relaxes the blood vessel muscles causing dilation. The two opposing effects induced by these prostaglandins, control the quantity of blood flow and also regulate the response to inflammation and injury. Prostaglandins deal with the following conditions:

  • Production of pain, fever and activates inflammation in damaged tissues to bring about healing
  • Clot blood in damaged tissues
  • Induction of labor
  • Induction of reproductive processes
  • Enhance the flow of blood in kidneys
  • Blocks acid synthesis and increase protective mucus secretion in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • regulate calcium movement
  • regulate hormones
  • control of cell growth

Prostaglandins Side Effects

Prostaglandins may have their unwanted effects. Any unlikely situation you might experience, immediately seek medical attention. Some of the side effects include: Common side effects

  • Fever
  • Low Calcium in the Blood
  • Periods of Not Breathing
  • Temporary Face and Neck Redness

Less common side effects

  • Abnormally Low Blood Pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Fast Heartbeat
  • Seizures
  • Slow Heartbeat

Rare side effects

  • Anemia
  • Bloody Urine
  • Breathing Changes
  • Chronic Heart Failure
  • Complete Heart Stoppage
  • Reduced Blood Platelets
  • Easily Annoyed or angered
  • Hemorrhage
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Low Body Temperature

Prostaglandins Interactions

There are likely drug interactions with prostaglandins. Analgesic drugs block cyclooxygenase enzymes, COX-1 and COX-2 that add oxygen to arachidonic acid to convert to prostaglandins. This inhibits prostaglandins production and, therefore, disrupts the healing process. Some of the drugs that cause serious interactions with prostaglandins are:

Main Prostaglandins Drugs

Xalatan Lumigan Travatan Z

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