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Docetaxel Anhydrous is a chemotherapy medication that is used to treat several types of cancer. It can be used alone or in combination with other chemotherapy medicines. It is injected slowly into a vein. It works by killing cancer cells. It is available at a wholesale price of $5262 per cycle in the US. If you want to purchase it, you can find manufacturers on the Pipelinepharma marketplace.

Docetaxel Injection should never be used in excess. Dosing more than the recommended amount could lead to poisoning or other serious side effects. If you believe that you have accidentally taken too much of this medication, go to the emergency room immediately. Bring your medicine container, box, or label with you. Do not use a larger needle than 21 gauge. Larger needles can cause stopper coring or rubber particulates.

Docetaxel has several adverse effects, including respiratory problems. In patients with cancer, it can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or pneumonia. It may cause kidney damage, pulmonary fibrosis, and renal insufficiency. Docetaxel may also cause a second primary malignancy. In vitro studies have also shown that Docetaxel is a clastogen.

Docetaxel Anhydrous is usually prescribed for breast cancer patients who need chemotherapy. However, it is important to discuss the risks and benefits of this medicine with your healthcare provider before starting it. Docetaxel can reduce the number of platelet cells in the blood. A lack of platelets makes a patient bleed more easily. Symptoms of this problem include black stools, blood in urine, easy bruising, and cuts that will not stop bleeding. It may also increase fluid retention, and patients should be monitored for this effect.

The primary mechanism of docetaxel is to interfere with the function of the microtubule network in the cell. These microtubules are necessary for the cellular processes of the cell cycle and interphase. Specifically, docetaxel binds to the b-subunit of tubulin, which prevents it from disassing. Furthermore, this compound does not affect the protofilaments, which is characteristic of most spindle poisons.

In addition to these benefits, Docetaxel Anhydrous has several potential side-effects. Some of these side-effects are listed below. Although these side-effects are uncommon, they can be serious. If you experience any of them, contact your doctor right away, or visit your local food and drug administration authority for further information. The drug should be taken as prescribed by your doctor. There is a high risk of drug addiction with this medication.

Pfizer's application for approval did not contain any clinical bioequivalence studies. The application was approved based on the European Union guideline for bioequivalence. However, the TGA Delegate stated that there are reservations about the adequacy of the micelle comparison and the physicochemical comparability between the two products. The TGA Delegate does not consider the sponsor's justification sufficient for allowing approval for Docetaxel Anhydrous.

Three single-arm studies involving Docetaxel anhydrous treatment found that Docetaxel was effective for treating metastatic breast cancer. It was also effective for patients who had previously received anthracycline-based chemotherapy. However, docetaxel may be a better option for treating patients with metastatic disease. The study was performed on 174 patients with advanced cancer who had undergone chemotherapy. One-half of these patients had an anthracycline-resistant breast cancer whose response rate was 34.6. The remaining patients experienced either progression or disease stabilization.

In a phase 2 trial of pediatric patients, Docetaxel monotherapy was evaluated in 178 pediatric patients. However, the efficacy of Docetaxel monotherapy has not been established. In this trial, docetaxel monotherapy resulted in a partial response in approximately 30% of patients. The drug's toxicity was neutropenia, which was the primary limiting toxicity of Docetaxel monotherapy.

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