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Treatment for Bipolar Disorder: Medications and Remedies

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by episodes of mania and depression. Mania is when a person feels elated, energized, and may have difficulty sitting still or acting rationally. A depressive episode is when a person feels a sense of sadness and/or hopelessness. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition, but it can be treated …

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Bipolar Disorder

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Overview of Addiction Issues

An addiction is a brain disease entailing a pattern of compulsive behavior, typically the repeated use of alcohol or drugs despite mounting negative consequences. (Learn More – What Is an Addiction?) Currently, the preferred diagnostic term for addictive behavior involving substance use is substance use disorder. (Learn More – What Is a Substance Use Disorder?) …

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Understanding the Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Treatment

A psychotropic drug is a drug that alters how you think, feel, or behave. (Learn More – What Is a Psychotropic Drug?)  These medications are typically used to treat various forms of mental illness or psychological disorders. (Learn More – Why Are Psychotropic Drugs Prescribed?) There are several different categories of psychotropic drugs. (Learn More …

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Natural Remedies for Depression

Clinical depression, or major depressive disorder, is a very severe mental health condition. It is not the same everyday reaction that people have when they often say, “I’m depressed.” (Learn More – What Is Depression?) Natural remedies are typically nonmedical substances people take in order to address a particular condition. (Learn More – Natural Remedies) …

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Exercise and Health

Engaging in regular exercise brings with it a host of positive results, including a lowered risk of disease, improved management of weight and chronic illness, and more restorative sleeping and eating patterns. (Learn more: How Does Exercise Contribute to Positive Health?) For those who are living with a chronic illness or have a family history …

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Finding the Right Anti-Psychotic Medication

Antipsychotic medications can be used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and several other conditions. They are not always appropriate. It largely depends on the severity of a patient’s symptoms. While older antipsychotics often had harsh side effects, newer antipsychotics are more comparable to other prescription drugs in terms of risks. (Learn More) …

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